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UN Resident Coordinator launches Buganda Youth mentorship camp

The United Nations Resident Coordinator Ms. Rosa Malango launched the 11th Buganda Youth mentorship camp locally known as Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka (EKN) for the year 2017 at a ceremony at Bulange- Mengo in Kampala.

The goal of the Ekisaakaate is to nurture young girls and boys into holistic individuals, social managers and leaders who appreciate and harmonize both traditional and modern values.

While speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Rosa Malango, UN Resident coordinator applauded the Nnabagereka for her tireless efforts for mentorship, girl education, promotion of women in business and conservation of culture and development.

‘I am pleased to note that your mentorship programme is actively involved in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’, said Ms. Rosa.

The skills that the youth receive at this annual royal enclosure (EKN), based on Obuntubulamu and life-skills contribute to the attainment of SDG 4 Quality Education, for both girls and boys, which also contributes to the attainment of SDG 5 Gender Equality.

The Ekisaakaate is a tradition that is old as the kingdom of Buganda itself, which is over 800 years and yet the values imparted during this enclosure are still very much applicable to the contemporary era we find ourselves in today.

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